Benefit Platform

Benefit Platform for travel and banking industries. 

Benefit Platform Travel and Leisure

Our Benefit Platform is an online system for delivering discounts and benefits to a members only community.   Some uses include: 

  • Credit Card Benefit Program - providing credit card members with access to exclusive vendor discounts and unique travel experiences
  • Magazine Companion Program - magazine subscribers get access to exclusive offers and related vendors
  • Customer Loyalty Program - loyal customers get access to special offers from a company (for example, a car dealer)

This platform has been used to generate revenue (from paid membership), add value for a customer, build loyalty and maintain contact with customers.

Benefit Platform features include:

  • Public and secured content
  • Member management
  • Offer management
  • Merchant management
  • Offer merchandising
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Mobile optimized experience through responsive design
  • Integration with third party providers
  • Location aware searching